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Is an independent financial service company offering investment and life insurance related products and services to Canadian clients. Our independence allows our advisors to select the most suitable products from those developed by major mutual fund and life insurance suppliers to offer solutions to client needs identified in the planning process.With many years of business and financial planning expertise, and an in-depth knowledge of the products in the market, our advisors are able to match the individual objectives and needs of their clients to personalized strategies and solutions which will ensure that the financial goals of each client are met. Bryant & Whitford Consultants routinely updates its back-office system so that technology continues to enhance, but never replace, our personalized service.



Bryant & Whitford provides comprehensive financial services to Canadian investors. Financial planning, investment planning, insurance and estate planning are our areas of specialty.


Our Mission is to provide clients with superior financial advice, and access to today's best financial options. Our objective is to match our clients' needs with the best financial solutions available in the market.
  • - KH Oakville, ON
    My family’s real estate business was started by my grandparents in the 1950s. Our tax lawyer arranged a meeting with Albert to explore how we could maximize the size of our estate and leave more for our family and favorite charities. Albert showed us how to make a tax-advantaged donation to our favorite charity now and get recognition for it while we are alive. We used life insurance at a fraction of the cost to make a $1 million gift.
    - KH Oakville, ON
  • - LF Toronto, ON
    I have been putting money into my RRSP since the 1970s. Until I met Albert, I had no idea that half of the accumulated value would go to the tax department when I die just because I am divorced and never re-married. Albert arranged a plan that guarantees all of my RRIF savings will go to my kids tax-free.
    - LF Toronto, ON
  • - DN Markham, ON
    My late husband died suddenly at age 60. He was a very successful businessman and had accumulated substantial real estate, investments, and RRSPs. Despite his business success, he never completed proper estate planning.  I met Albert through our accountant. I never realized just how much income tax my family would be liable for. Working with our lawyer and accountant Albert arranged a comprehensive plan that organized our family’s financial affairs for the future. Thanks, Albert.
    - DN Markham, ON

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