Group Benefits

Group Benefits

A strong Group Benefits program is an integral component of total compensation. Not only is it an effective tool for retaining talent but it will engage your employees and increase their overall level of satisfaction.

Why Choose Bryant & Whitford Group Benefits Solutions Inc.?

Employees continue to expect comprehensive benefits, while employers struggle with the escalating costs associated with Group Benefit Plans. In today’s business environment employers require effective, cutting edge solutions that allow them to strike a balance between offering comprehensive benefits and maintaining costs. Bryant & Whitford Group Benefits Solutions recognizes these challenges and is the ideal partner to help you manage the costs of your Group Benefits program while still providing financial security to your employees. We have extensive expertise in the design, implementation and ongoing management of Group Benefit plans and are receptive to the evolving needs of our clients. Independent from any insurance company, we are free to recommend all available product providers and their diverse offerings. Our hands on approach and personal attention to detail allow us to effectively create a plan that suits the unique needs of your business and your employees.


Bryant & Whitford Benefits Solutions understands that creative and innovative solutions are required to capture the attention of employees and expend company money wisely. Therefore, the process of designing a successful group benefits program must be a collaborative effort. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and long-standing relationships with major insurance carriers allow us to explore all available options before creating a program that matches your company’s needs and objectives. With our proven expertise and successful track record, you can be assured that Bryant & Whitford Group Benefits Solutions will allow you to deliver the best possible Group Benefits plan for your employees.

During the design phase we will:
  • Evaluate the objectives of your organization relative to benefits and total compensation
  • Explore the various products available to develop a customized program ideally suited to your organization
  • Review various underwriting arrangements to ensure the method selected is appropriate, sustainable and aligns with your risk tolerance


Bryant & Whitford Group Benefits Solutions Inc. recognizes that change, even when it is positive, can cause uncertainty. Whether you are modifying your current program or switching insurance carriers, our proven transition strategy will alleviate all concerns and focus on a smooth, successful implementation.

The implementation phase will include:
  • Guidance through each step of the implementation or conversion process from start to finish
  • Assistance with communicating changes to employees
  • Review of group insurance contracts and communication material

Ongoing Management

A Group Benefits plan requires ongoing maintenance and evaluation to ensure that the plan remains relevant and cost effective. Through the review of industry trends and changes, Bryant & Whitford Group Benefits Solutions acts as a proactive force to ensure that your company is getting the best possible benefits solution. At Bryant & Whitford Group Benefits Solutions, we also recognize that actively managing a Group Benefits plan is a continuous process, made successful through a strong working relationship between Bryant & Whitford Group Benefits Solutions, the insurer and each of our clients.

The ongoing management of your Group Benefits plan includes:
  • Monitoring the plan by reviewing related claims experience reports
  • Maintaining an up-to-date understanding of all insurer product and service offerings
  • Continuous evaluation of the program design and administration features
  • Assisting in the resolution of difficult claims or provider service issues
  • Renewal rating analysis and negotiations with the insurer
  • Assistance with contract interpretation and plan administration issues
  • Market studies and provider selection

At Bryant & Whitford Group Benefits Solutions Inc. we recognize that every company has its own unique set of objectives and goals. Let us help you provide a Group Benefits plan that is competitively priced, affordable and meets the needs of you and your employees. Contact us at: Bryant & Whitford