What Services Do We Provide

Determining your unique financial goals requires a personal approach

You might be investing to build your financial future or to protect what you’ve already built.

You may have specific needs, like maximizing your retirement income or creating a lasting legacy for your family or other beneficiaries,

such as charitable causes you care about. Whatever your specific needs, Bobbi can craft an investment plan for you.

Wealth management services team

Helping you manage your investments is just one way we can help you manage your overall financial concerns. In addition to investing and money management, we offer assistance with financial planning, Wills & Estates, and insurance strategies.

Financial planning

Depending on your needs, we can provide a financial plan designed to help you build your financial future or, if you have more complex needs, an in-depth financial plan that leaves no stone unturned.

Will and estate consultation

A professional Will & Estate Consultant works closely with us to provide you with information on structuring your estate in an efficient and tax-effective manner. Following your Will and estate consultation, you will receive a report outlining various estate-planning opportunities for you to explore in further detail with your own lawyer or accountant.

Insurance strategies

A highly qualified Insurance Specialist works with our team to help you create and preserve your wealth. We follow a comprehensive process to assess your needs and, if appropriate, recommend tax-exempt insurance products that will help you achieve your wealth management objectives.

Professional network

We also offer access to our network of professionals such as lawyers and accountants to help ensure that the various issues related to the management of your wealth are properly addressed. If you have existing relationships with professionals in these areas, we would be pleased to work together with them to coordinate our efforts.

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