This is our process at Bryant & Whitford Consultants Ltd

The focus of our strategy is Wealth Preservation and Risk Management.

We are not 'traders' and do not manage a clients' speculative funds. Rather, we manage our clients' serious money - the funds that they will use for retirement and fulfilling their long-term goals.

Plan. A comprehensive Personal Financial Plan serves to identify and document investment objectives, liquidity needs, investment time horizon, risk tolerance and outline tax considerations.

In the planning stage, we get to know our clients on a personal level and we learn how they envision spending their savings - up to and including retirement. This process of defining goals, and creating a plan to achieve them, provides our clients with direction and the motivation to adhere to their savings plan and investment strategy.

Our consultants have years of experience in guiding you towards a prosperous and secure future.

Together, these indicate the required return and the appropriate level of risk for the portfolio. A strategic asset allocation methodology is then employed to diversify the portfolio between asset class, sector, and geographical region, consistent with the risk and return parameters established. Further, risk management and tax-minimization strategies are put into place in keeping with the overall investment objectives.


An essential element in investment management is the ongoing monitoring of the asset allocation and investments held in the portfolio. The discipline of re-balancing to the optimal asset allocation naturally shifts gains from the asset classes that have outperformed to those that have under performed on a relative basis - a logical approach to 'selling high and buying low'.

Adhering to the long-term investment strategy is essential to the success of the overall plan, and adjustments to the initial strategy are made only to adapt to changes in the client's situation, not in reaction to market conditions or outside influences. The investment, risk reduction, and tax minimization strategies employed by Bryant & Whitford Investment Management Ltd. are best suited for investment portfolios in excess of $100,000.

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